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Verbal Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning

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Exam Structure

There can be up to four different “Subjects” used for the 11 Plus tests – Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. The combination of test papers varies considerably around the country.

In Essex, children sitting for CSSE Exam will be tested just for Maths and English (Comprehension, Applied Reasoning and Creative Writing).

For more information and sample papers, visit http://www.csse.org.uk/?view=mycomp

Redbridge (Ilford County High School, Woodford County High School For Girls  and Chelmsford’s Girls School) follow CEM , children take 4 papers – in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

There have been lot of changes recently in the test pattern. A few schools shifted from GL assessment to CEM pattern. A few schools shifted the pattern from one test to two stage tests.

For example, Slough Consortium have shifted the pattern from GL assessment to CEM and Tiffin School(a boys Grammar School) changed the pattern of one stage test to two stage test.

CEM pattern tests normally comprise of two papers with the mixed bag of questions on comprehension, verbal reasoning, maths and nonverbal reasoning. Each paper is divided into sections and a student has to adhere to time limits for each section.

Two stage tests pattern normally has one month gap between two stages.

Stage one will consists of Maths & English question with multiple choice answers.

Stage two will consists the test on core English & Maths focusing mainly on reading, writing and word problems.

11+ Course structure

Subjects we cover for 11+ – Verbal Reasoning, Non – Verbal Reasoning, Maths, English, Creative Writing, Comprehension. We cover all the subjects necessary for 11 Plus preparation for CEM, CSSE, GL Assessments and Independent Schools.

The course is divided into three categories:
Year 3 Students work on Formula Developments.
Year 4 Students join the Foundation Course.
Year 5 students join the Advanced Course.

Every school holiday we organise intensive courses to develop some key areas such as Speed, Accuracy, Stress Management, Exam Technique etc.

We also conduct special Fast Track courses for the students who have begun their preparations late

Our lessons are for 4-5 hours every week and we cover all the subjects necessary for successful 11+ preparation.


We assess every student after they finish learning a concept.
We conduct a progress test every 2 months to reassure that they understood the concept and they can apply the same in a right manner to solve questions. We reward and motivate our students. We have many ways such as rewarding them £1 for 90%, Marble collections, Wall of the Fame, House Point, and Team Topper etc.

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