What are your timings?

Our centre is open Monday to Friday 4pm to 7.30 pm and Saturday 9 to 6, we will start Sunday soon. We are open throughout school holidays, we will close only on bank holidays.

How frequently should my child attend TPA classes?

Sessions are normally of 1 hour duration per subject per week which includes teaching and class exercise. But we do have individual child plan.

Do you follow National Curriculum?

Yes. The TPA  is aligned to the national curriculum as well as the curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. All tutors are trained to teach using National curriculum approved teaching methods to ensure consistency with school learning.

Do you give progress test?

Yes, Every two months students are tested and feedback is given to the students and parents. The progress and future learning course is decided based on this outcome and in consultation with the parents.

What is the ratio of children to tutors? 

It is small group, a ratio of five to one for all Key Stages. For 11 Plus classes the ratio is 10:1. This creates a good balance of support for the children whilst encouraging them to work independently  and gain confidence.

Do you have different ability group?

Yes, We try to keep students according to their ability group so that tough competition can be created .

Do I have to pay for the missed lesson?

No, if your child is sick, you do not pay but if your child is absent for 3 lessons, we take out the name of your child from our register and you will have to pay registration fee again.


How much notice do I need to give to stop my membership?

Initially, you should speak to the manager to discuss your child’s membership to date, and the progress he/she has made. Should you still wish to cancel your membership you will have to give one month’s written notice.

Will you provide Books and Material?

Yes, we will provide all books and material, you do not have to buy from market but for 11+ students, we do recommend few books to do at home. All our books are either in the line of National Curriculum or toward exam board.

What is your past record?

For the last 8 years we have had a continuous pass rate. This year, 80%  of our students been selected for their desired grammar schools. You can read our reviews from parents and students on Google and Yell.