Mathematics English

Biology Chemistry Physics

GCSE COURSE (Years 10 & 11)

Our lessons are one-to-one or small group lessons.

We provide tuition for all core subjects and modern languages.

The Core Subjects are English (Language and Literature), Mathematics (Levels 1 to 9 ) and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

We provide lessons for the following exam boards: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and CIE.  We also provide lessons for IGCSEs.

We follow the new National Curriculum and update our resources and lesson structures as to be in line with the National Curriculum.

Exam Focused Support

We conduct intensive revision courses during holidays.

We provide custom exam materials and techniques made by our expert teachers.

We have progress tests every  two months, from which we provide feedback to parents and tailor the continued learning of the children.

Teaching Methods

At Talent Pool Academy we do not use computers, as we combine a modern approach with traditional values.

We have developed our resources in the line of current National Curriculum.

The programme is carefully designed so that each student works on their independent learning plan which is developed specifically for them after the free initial assessment.


We use certificates and trophies to reward excellent performance by students and to motivate them to reach new heights.