Key Stage 3 Biology


If either the parent or student has a specific topic they want to focus on, lessons will be tailored around that topic; otherwise they will follow the Key Stage 3 Biology Course.

The Key Stage 3 Biology course consists of: Structure and function of living organisms, Material cycles and energy, Interactions and inter-dependencies and Genetics and evolution.


A maximum of 5 children are in a class at any time, to ensure that each child is given a focused, tailored learning experience.


We have progress tests every  two months, from which we provide feedback to parents and tailor the continued learning of the children.


All content at Talent Pool Academy is aligned to the National Curriculum, to help your child achieve the best results they can. We have our own textbooks made by expert teachers, which are regularly updated to be in line with the National Curriculum. We do not use computers in lessons.

Our lessons are for 1 hour for each subject every week.


Every two months we hold progress test, from which we provide feedback to parents and tailor the child’s continued learning.

Children who perform well in these tests are awarded with certificates and trophies are given to those who performed exceptionally. This motivates children to either continue to work hard, or in the case of those who didn’t win; motivate them to work harder.