At Talent Pool Academy, each student is provided with:

  • Specifically tailored teaching, even in small group lessons
  • High quality learning resources such as books and expert guidance
  • Training to build speed and confidence
  • Intensive Holiday Courses
  • SAT-style papers
  • Tailored feedback

In Mathematics we cover Mental Maths. Mathematical Reasoning, Timetables, Number Bonding and Applied Mathematics (Worded Problems).

In English we cover: Comprehension, Spelling, Grammar, Composition and Creative Writing.

Every two months we hold mock test,from which we provide feedback to parents and tailor the child’s continued learning to strengthen their weak points.

Children who perform well in these tests are rewarded with certificates and trophies. This pushes them to either continue to work hard, or to work harder so they might win next time.

We run a special Holiday Course for Creative Writing, which boosts the quality and speed at which children write.